Restaurant Remembrances

Restaurants come and go, but their images become artifacts of the past, a direct connection with generations gone by who sat at the bar, ate at the tables. These postcards depict some restaurants that operated in the city from the 1950s through the 1980s, which some of our readers may recall patronizing or even working at. They showcase the modernist sensibilities and sometimes outlandish styles that were used to thematically decorate mid-century eating establishments. Please share any personal memories in the Comments section below.

The short-lived Windjammer Seafood Restaurant in the late 1960s at 18200 Woodward Avenue, near Palmer Park.

Jim’s Garage Saloon at 300 W. Larned Street from the 1970s to mid-‘80s.












Darbys at 10020 W. 7 Mile Road near Wyoming Street was in business from the mid-1950s to mid ’60s. “Detroit’s Finest Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge”

Mencotti’s Restaurant at 7113 Puritan Street during the 1960s, with murals of Venice.









The Little Café German Restaurant at 12601 Gratiot Avenue had an adjoining bowling alley from the 1950s to the ‘80s. “Nationally Known for the Finest in German-American Food”

The Nau’s Sno-White Dining Room at 18944 Grand River was in the Rosedale Park neighborhood from the 1950s to early ‘70s. “Northwest Detroit’s Finest Dining Room and Coffee Shop”











23 thoughts on “Restaurant Remembrances

    • The family name was Boesky. The wife’s name was Edna (Meltzer) Boesky. They were a wonderful family, and ran the restaurant like a “tight ship”. Everything had to be clean and perfect.

      • Ivan Boesky..The Wall St Criminal was a son….The family also ran strip clubs in Detroit…The food was incredible..Our family ate there often…especially on Saturday Night….Our neighbor Mrs Overton baked cheesecakes for Darby’s…Her family moved to California and the kids opened The Cheesecake Factory…I loved Detroit and the restaurants…..Also Lelli’s on Woodward…My parents went to Hazel Park Race Track with the Lelli’s on Sundays…We had dinner at Lelli’s on Woodward…a few blocks from The London Chop House..

  1. Nau’s Sno-White… many family “special” meals there…Mother’s Day, 8th grade graduation, Class reunion…So many memories.

    • It was never upstairs, but adjoining the restaurant later remodeled to another dining room/ banquet room. There was an apartment upstairs. Wonderful restaurant and memories …. My husband and family owned The Little Cafe.


  3. I am trying to remember a restaurant in the Detroit area that featured cars as booths. Not Pete’s Garage in Monroe

  4. I’m looking for the name of a restaurant on Woodward and Normandy. It’s gone now, but I remember it was a pie shaped piece of land and they made the building the same shape. Anyone remember the name? I think it was an Italian restaurant. Thanks.

  5. Does anyone have any pictures or information on a restaurant at Gratiot & Loretto in the early 1960s called Aunt Ginny’s?

  6. Loved the Little Cafe. My Dad ate lunch there almost every day. Our family often had dinner there. Mrs. Born was the life of the place.

  7. Great Memories! Modern Delicatessen owned by My Dad Max Krugel and His Mom Minnie Krugel. Hand cut CB sandwiches on rye with a dill pickle.

  8. Modern Deli on Homer & Finkell was owned in later years by Max Krugel-sole owner- he bought out Minnie Krugel his mother.
    Sandi Krugel – Max’s daughter.

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