The Many Hats of Joe Louis

Louis shows off his skis and winter fashion, 1940.

Famed Detroit boxer Joe Louis is best recognized in images of him posed in fighting stances and swinging his fists in the ring. But more than a one-dimensional individual, Louis’s athletic and creative interests varied widely, from golf, softball, and skiing, to horseback riding and piano playing. These images are part of a large collection of photographs depicting Joe Louis and his family, in his private and professional life.

Putting at Rackham Golf Course in Huntington Woods, 1941.

Louis Purchased Spring Hill Farm in Utica to keep his riding stables, 1940s.

A bruised eye couldn’t keep Louis off the playing field with his “Bombers” softball team, 1937.

Taking a break for pool at training camp in Pompton Lakes, NJ, 1937.

Carving meat at a publicity engagement, c. 1932.

There was time for a little fun at training camp in Greenwood Lake, NY, 1940.






One thought on “The Many Hats of Joe Louis

  1. My grandmother and stepgrandfather ran Joe Louis’Springhill Farm. Lydia Jennnings ran the clubhouse and Henry Jennings trained the show horses.

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