Fabulous Furs

With winter upon us, let’s look back at some of the seasonal fashions of the 1920s. Fur coats were all the rage, if you could afford one. These images from Annis Furs in Detroit, show just how popular and exotic furs could be. The first image shows a window display exhibiting a mountain of silver foxtails, the type of extravagant presentation you would rarely see now.

This shot of the Annis showroom gives us a sense of their over-the-top styling. Mounted animals on top of draped exotic pelts surround a female mannequin who seems oblivious to her curious environment. Bundle up!

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Furs

  1. great research and photography choices are cohesively representative to the difference of that day from ours. At the roots of furriers are actually taxidermists able to present a durable, soft as kittens hair-tanning, which often is the second most expensive aspect to a fur, after the base price paid to the real worker; the trapper, hunter or fur-farmer.

  2. I have a Annis Fur from New York Detritus from my mother, there’s no number in it and I don’t ķnow what kind ito is. What should I do now.

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