Hello Dear Readers,

Thank you for spending a few moments to peruse our blog and acquaint yourselves with the Detroit Historical Society’s Digitization initiative. All of us on the team are excited about this undertaking we look forward to sharing some of the highlights of this endeavor, including information about some of our favorite artifacts. However, as this entire project was designed to bring our collection into public view, we would like to hear what you, our esteemed readership, are interested in seeing. Is there a certain type of object or image that you would like to see? Does the process of digitization intrigue you? We’d like to know. So please take a minute to comment or leave a suggestion for us. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Hello, very pleased to find your blog. I’m interested in any old photos and employee records you might have for the Michigan Stove Co., especially after this summer’s lightening strike of the big stove at the Fairgrounds. My ancestors (French-Canadians who emigrated from Ontario in 1869) worked as “moulders” at Michigan Stove Co. from about 1869 – 1900. Thanks!

    • Thank you! While we haven’t come across anything pertaining to employees of the Michigan Stove Company in particular, we do have many objects relating to the company. In fact, we have an upcoming blog post which might interest you…

  2. Hi! I have a glass antique swizzle stick that bears the imprint ” Aunds” with an Old English Capital A. Underneath, it states, Grand River and Bagley, Detroit, MI. This could be just from a local old pub, or an old Hotel. I find nothing under this name. Can anyone help?

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